Personal Loans

 We’ve Got A Lending Product That’s Right For You.

Wadena State Bank offers competitive interest rates for all your personal financing needs. Vehicles, boats & motors, ATV’s/snowmobiles and debt consolidation are just a few of the loans we can make for you.

To be pre-qualified for financing, please provide us with:

  • A completed consumer loan application
  • 1 month of current pay stubs
  • A copy of your current drivers license

Receive an additional .25% interest rate discount for setting up an automatic loan payment from either your checking or savings account.

Creating financial possibilities…it’s what we do best.

Click here to apply now and complete the consumer loan application form.

Other items needed with the application are:

  1. One (1) month of current pay stubs
  2. Most recent W2 stubs
  3. Current valid identification, preferred are: Drivers license or passport.  Expiration date cannot be expired.
  4. Collateral information if needed to secure loan

Whether you’re looking forward to a vacation, home improvements, or some other special purchase, Wadena State Bankwants to make borrowing quick and easy for you. That’s why we would like you to take our One-Minute Personal Loan Test. It will help you find out if you’re in a good borrowing position, so you can feel more comfortable about applying for a loan with us. And by taking the test in the privacy of your own home, no one needs to know how you scored but you.

If you score 15 points or more, call us at Wadena State Bank 218-631-1860 or apply online today. We’ll get back to you right away with the answer you need. (A lower score simply means that we’ll need to work a little harder to try and find a way to give you the loan you want.)

Got A Minute? 

Take a One-Minute Test to see if you’re in a good borrowing position. It's quick and easy.